Get Trendy Tops

GetTrendyTopLove those low rise jeans but hate when your bottom is seen? Always pulling your shirt down so the belly is not sticking out all around?

Just get Trendy Tops, the top that’s not!

Trendy Tops are specially designed tees just for your hips. They cover your rear view and exposed belly when wearing low rise pants. Just like a camisole covers your chest, Trendy Tops cover your waist, so you look chic and lean. No more muffin top!

With Trendy Tops you can bend and sit with confidence knowing that your skin will no be exposed. Layering is trendy and fashionable and Trendy Tops extend your top for a trendy layered look without the bulk.

Simply step in, slip over hips and pull on your favorite outer shirt for a fasion forward hip look. The natural cotton blend fabric is super comfy and it stretches every way you do so it always stays in place. Even performing a handspring, Trendy Tops keep you perfectly covered. Perfect for low rise shorts and super for skirts too. Protect your rear view and hide those sides.
Get TrendyTop
Trendy Tops fit over your jeans to cover you when your top rises up or your jeans slide down. Available in all sizes. Get Trendy Tops in pure white and midnight black for only $10. While supplies last buy 2 Trendy Tops and you will get 2 more Trendy Tops in soft beige and light gray, free! That’s four Trendy Tops in four different colors for $10!

Trendy Top As Seen On TV

Offer Details: Buy 1 black and 1 white Trendy Top™ for $10 plus $7.95 P&H, and get 1 beige and 1 gray Trendy Top™ FREE just pay separate $7.95 P&H. We’ll also send you one set of 16 Style Snaps™ absolutely FREE!